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Me, Myself & I

You have come a long way finally ending up here on the site. Find out more about myself and the development history of StackApps.

Well, I am not going to bore you with my resume and so forth, but let me just briefly give you some background. Known as designdisorder when I am online, my real name is Helmuth Ritzer.

As a child of the VIC20, C64 and Amiga I studied computer science, started a job in Information Technology and after several different responsibilites I finally ended up being in charge of the product development at car2go, one of the most advanced mobility services these days. Living in the south of Germany, I still love playing video games, riding my mountain bike and enjoy being outside.

StackApps has quite a long history: inspired by RAD tools like CodeCharge, I had this app framework already developed in 2006/2007 as a spare time project using NetObjects Fusion as a host environment, but never released this project to the public. At a time it was called ConFusion :)

Being written in Java as a Fusion plug-in initially, I decided to move this project to RapidWeaver in 2011, my new web development platform on the Mac.

At the beginning I tried to implement StackApps as a native RapidWeaver plug-in using Objective-C, but soon I realized that this was too much of an effort, as there was no good component layout engine available in the SDK.

As YourHead Stacks for RapidWeaver popped up and became more and more popular as the unofficial plug-in API for RapidWeaver, I decided to restart the project using Stacks as the development environment. Stacks is not only much simpler to use compared to the official RapidWeaver plug-in API, it also offers a flexible and powerful layout engine & component model which perfectly suited my specific use case.

December 2010 I started with the development and finally finished the first internal release around August 2011. At the time it became obvious that Stacks was about to get its next major version update which fixed a lot of the initial UI limitations of Stacks. Participating in the early beta I soon decided to migrate StackApps to Stacks 2.0 first before releasing it to the public.

With Stacks 2.0 now being released to the public it was about time to release StackApps as well, being the first full-fledged application development framework available for Stacks.

Ok, StackApps is available here.