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Posted on 02/09/14 19:01:28 news, stacks, tutorial
Hi there, Don't be surprised that there is yet another release of StackApps available today. StackApps 1.5.2 first of all fixes a bug that hopefully nobody recognized yet: using the filemanager within the Richtext Editor was more or less a matter of luck. Either the filemanager did find a valid upload directory or not. That should be fixed now and forever. JSON & Calendar What StackApps 1.5.2 offers in addition are two big features that have a lot of potential. So far the Report Stack only supported CSV and the Statusboard proprietary format. Since today read more
Posted on 02/09/14 11:15:57 stacks, tutorial
Even prior to 1.5, StackApps offered lightbox support as part of the Setup Stack. With the 1.5 release lightboxes are included as a separate Stack plus an additional gallery as part of the Galleria Stack. As the usage of those stacks is not so obvious, I want to give here a little background on how those stacks are used on what you need to know in order to squeeze the last feature out of your new stacks. Lightboxes vs. Galleries The main difference between a lightbox and gallery is pretty simple: the lightbox show up only when you click at an image while the gallery is read more
Posted on 02/01/14 10:26:58 news, stacks
Hi guys, since a couple of month I have been working on finishing the next big release of StackApps, which was 1.4 at that time. Meanwhile a lot of new stuff has been added to it and it really feels like a 1.5 release. StackApps requires Stacks 2.5 or greater, which can be found here as a public beta soon to be released. If this is too much of a risk for you, you should stick to 1.3.13 for the moment until Stacks 2.5 is final. As I am using the beta for quite a while now I must say that the risk is rather limited. But you have been warned :) Note: Migration 1.3 to read more
Posted on 01/18/14 22:17:29 news, stacks
For all of you interested into the new Stacks 2.5, here is the public beta. This release is a prerequisite for the next StackApps release which will be available soon. read more
Posted on 12/22/13 21:10:45 news, stacks
UPDATE: the release is now called 1.5 instead of 1.4 As mentioned earlier I am preparing another update that goes along with the new Stacks 2.5 release. Even though Stacks 2.5 makes good progress, an ETA for the final release is not yet available. So what are the major changes coming with 1.5.0? Redirects have been changed to HTTP redirects instead of form-based Cookie code has been replaced with native cookie functions Links support target settings A special item entry for Select Stack to implement a custom entry for dynamic selects RegEx pattern for read more
Posted on 11/17/13 15:05:12 news, stacks
Due to the fact that we are all awaiting a major Stacks update to version 2.5, I am in a kind of challenging situation right now. As Stacks 2.5 is in beta since a while I am heavily involved incorporating all the good things to come with this release. Some of the hacks I am currently using to work around Stacks limitations will soon be gone and need to be integrated into a new version of StackApps. Meanwhile I have extended StackApps with a couple of features that have been requested using the same branch of the StackApps code which makes Stacks 2.5 a hard requirement for this read more
Posted on 06/04/13 08:31:14 news, stacks
It's been a while since I have release StackApps to the public and meanwhile I got some valuable feedback from the community using StackApps in real life projects. In a nutshell, StackApps has been received as a valuable extension of the RapidWeaver/Stacks platform, being now able to actually create dynamic websites inside RapidWeaver. But StackApps also comes with a few limitations that become more obvious the more you push the boundaries. Here are some of the deficiencies I want to address with a next major version of StackApps: Improved application architecture read more
Posted on 05/19/13 08:23:52 rapidweaver, stacks, tutorial
Since I have released the StackApps site project to the community, I got some valuable feedback from you. Most of the feedback centered around the fact that the project didn't work for some of you due to several reasons. Let me just summarize the feedback here so you don't have to run through those issues again: Always publish with page relative file URLs. This is part of the site settings within RW and it is the recommended publishing mode When using navbar security, i.e. navbar items being rendered based on the security of the current users, make sure you use read more
Posted on 05/18/13 18:13:42 news, rapidweaver, stacks
Yourhead is about to release a new Stacks update that is very critical for every StackApps user. Since the release of StackApps the Setup Stack had an issue that could easily crash RapidWeaver as a whole. Deleting one of the text fields like the database connection string, RapidWeaver beach balls and finally crashes. Even though this could be avoided by not deleting text fields at all, this bug was very annoying. With Yourhead's new Stacks release this issue is finally fixed. Just make sure you'll update your Stacks version as soon as the new release becomes read more
Posted on 05/12/13 12:59:10 stacks, tutorial
I know that StackApps is lacking additional tutorials and demos that could be used to learn and understand the last details of each and every stack included in StackApps. At the end of the day there is only so much time left. As you might know, stackapps.info itself is based on StackApps and what would be the most obvious tutorial other than giving you the Rapidweaver project to tweak around and see what's possible using StackApps. Here you go ... But there are a couple of things you need to know in order to use the example project right away: Right now the read more
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