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StackApps comes bundled with a couple of example apps that can be used to learn how to use StackApps and learn about the more sophisticated features of the product.


MyTasks is a very basic StackApps project to manage simple tasks that contains all the ingredients of a minimal CRUD based app:

  • an Overview Page on a TableGrid using different WHERE clauses, TextField Stacks and JOIN operations
  • an Edit Page based on a Form and Input Stacks


Inventory adds a couple of new features to what we've learned via the MyTask app:

  • An image field that can display images from the server
  • An Upload feature to store new images on the server
  • A Details Page based on Details and Field Stacks


The CMS project covers the content management capabilities of StackApps. Using various CMS Stacks you can display database content on your site either in the regular content area or in a arbitrary ExtraContent area. The project also includes a content editor that can be linked to the actual content.


This is the most complex app example that creates a basic blog that uses the themes blog styles that are usually bundled with RapidWeaver themes. The blog features:

  • A blog style overview page using the Lister Stack
  • A custom script to calculate the number of comments for a blog post
  • A blog post page that contains a comment thread