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Don't know where to start? You can actually download the RW project of this website. As you know, there is nothing like the real thing :)

But there are a couple of things you need to know in order to use the example project right away:

  • Right now the project is using the BootSnap template by Yabdap. It shouldn't be a problem to migrate the project to your favorite theme, but there are a couple of BootSnap features which have been used within the project, namely the tab and dialog stacks.
  • The project comes with a SQL dump from my local development setup to get you started. Create a new database on your environment and import the sql script.
  • The database dump includes two users johndoe and peterpiper, that both use the password demo. Use johndoe as the admin user to modify those user settings, like the email address related with those users and needed for some of the user account related function
  • Motify the Setup Stack included in the project to reflect your database name, the access credentials as well as the Google Analytics code
  • I have modified my BootSnap template to allow for role based menu items. Check the StackApps docs for the code being used to implement that
  • Note: close RapidWeaver completely before opening the new project and vice versa if you go back to your previous project. Stacks has an issue overwriting global settings like the database parameters. This is not an StackApps issue.

I hope this huge example project gets you guys started and answers some of the questions you might still have ...

The demo project is provided as-is, but if you have questions, feel free to ask here in the comments. Enjoy!