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StackApps 1.5 is out now

A new major release ready to be used with the upcoming Stack 2.5 which is already available as a public beta

Build Great Apps!

Tired of using those pre-canned, static Stacks? No clue how to write your own web apps within RapidWeaver? It's time to rethink what Stacks have been and could be: here is StackApps - the stacks collection that moves Stacks to the next level ...

No Coding Required!

You don't have to be a geek to actually build your first app. If you know what a database is and how to use Stacks, it's just a matter of minutes to get started ...

The Swiss Army Knife

StackApp comes with 40 powerful Stacks that cover much more than just building simple apps. How about building your custom CMS or sending newsletters to your subscribers?

Make a Donation

StackApps is a completly new set of Stacks that is not just adding static web clips or HTML snippets to your page, but is actually generating server-side code. RapidWeaver and Stacks become your IDE. Using StackApps you are now able to create dynamic web apps without writing ONE single line of code in no time.

Zero Coding

Other than typical development environments, StackApps generates compliant, compact PHP5 code based on your stacks components.

40 Powerful Stacks

StackApps comes with more than 40 powerful and easy to use Stacks that allow for almost unlimited flexibility while building your database-driven app.

Flexible Layout

Equipped with table-style, list-style and details views, tons of formating options and the unlimited power of CSS, you have it in yout hands how your app will look like.

Auto Form Handling

Ever wanted to get automatic form handling out-of-the-box without writing one single line of code? You got it.


Have you been reluctant to implement your own upload functionality? StackApps does that for you.

CMS Included

StackApps even comes with its own CMS component which allows you to draw content from your database and render it on your page.

Security Enabled

No need to implement your own security framework. StackApps comes with security built-in. Let's not reinvent the wheel.


Send out newsletters via the Newsletter Stack based on your user database or subscriber list.

Test Local - Run Remote

StackApps supports both local and remote deployment. So, test local and finally run your app on your remote server. Use even different settings in both environments.

System Requirements

There are a couple of mandatory and some optional components you need in order to successfully run and use StackApps on your Mac